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District 46 Seeks Passionate Leaders for 2024-2025 Term

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  • December 28, 2023
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The time has come for District 46 Toastmasters to nominate dedicated, visionary leaders to fill several pivotal roles for the 2024-2025 term. As expressed in our official Call for Nominations (, we urge qualified, motivated members to embrace this opportunity to guide our district into an exciting new era.

The District Director role represents the pinnacle of leadership. We seek someone ready to craft a bold strategic vision and inspire clubs to bring it to life. The Program Quality Director role demands a true educator able to orchestrate high-caliber learning experiences. The Club Growth Director role requires a skillful builder to broaden our reach through new clubs. And our five Division Directors are essential to support club goals and foster member growth.

Leadership is about uplifting others. As Nelson Mandela said, “It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front.” Past leaders describe how their tenure offered profound personal growth while allowing them to shape the experiences of countless members.

Key Benefits

District leadership enables you to challenge yourself, make an impact, establish connections, learn continuously, and play a bigger role in an organization you care about. The personal and professional rewards are immense.

Here are some potential benefits of running for leadership positions in District 46 Toastmasters:

  • Develop and demonstrate leadership abilities – Serving in a key role allows you to practice and refine essential leadership skills like strategic planning, team building, project management, decision making, and more. It builds your credentials as a leader.
  • Gain valuable organizational experience – Leading at the district level provides exposure to organizational dynamics, governance, budgeting, and how to drive growth and excellence. This experience can boost careers.
  • Leave a legacy and make an impact – As a leader, you have the power to shape the member experience, drive progress, and take the district to the next level. It’s a chance to positively impact many lives.
  • Expand your network – Interacting with clubs across the district grows your professional and personal connections. You build relationships with diverse members and leaders.
  • Accelerate your communication growth – From crafting inspiring messages to presenting at events, leadership hones public speaking and communication abilities. It pushes you to excel.
  • Learn from mentors – Past district leaders act as mentors, sharing insights and guiding the next generation. You benefit from their wisdom and support.
  • Gain confidence and skills – Stepping into leadership, you have to rise to the occasion. This builds poise, empathy, creativity and other skills. It’s a growth experience.
  • Contribute to a community – Leading allows you to help cultivate a supportive, engaging environment for all members to develop their potential. It’s a chance to give back.

Now is the time to step forward if you have passion to lead, motivate teams, and drive change. The nomination deadline is February 24, 2024. To be considered, submit the required Candidate Application, Nominating Form, and Agreement and Release Statement to our District Leadership Committee Chairperson Evelyn Marrero.

Review all campaign rules and regulations in our Elections Protocol. Key guidelines include: Candidates may begin campaigning once forms are received; participation in speech contests is restricted; and unauthorized communications or implied endorsements are prohibited. All nominees must attend a virtual interview with the Committee.

When member-focused leaders lead with purpose, our organization thrives. Imagine the difference you can make. Blaze new trails with us and take District 46 to new heights!