Important Reminder:

Before planning a visit to any club, we recommend confirming their meeting schedule, including the day, time, and location. This information can be verified by contacting the club through the details provided on the Toastmasters International website or the club’s own website.

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Division A Jessly Chettaniyal
Area 11 Areletta Hamilton
Cortlandt Manor, NY Kidney Stories Toastmasters / Online 7979708 DCP
Croton-On-Hudson, NY Hudson River Toastmasters / Online 8558 DCP
Peekskill, NY Peekskill Toastmasters / Online 3171395 DCP
Pleasantville, NY PMI Westchester Toastmasters / Online 7831618   DCP
Yorktown Heights, NY IBM Westchester Toastmasters Club* / Hybrid 648356   DCP
Area 12 Lexi Milano
Tarrytown, NY BASF Tarrytown Toastmasters* / In Person 3638279       DCP
Tarrytown, NY Regeneron Toastmasters* / In Person 5829986       DCP
Valhalla, NY PepsiCo Valhalla Toastmasters Club* / Hybrid 828089   DCP
Valhalla, NY WSP-BCM Toastmasters* / Hybrid 7176388     DCP
White Plains, NY Cross Westchester Toastmasters / Hybrid 9976 DCP
Area 13 Nagham Aukra
Armonk, NY IBM Armonk Toastmasters* / Hybrid 7780585     DCP
Armonk, NY Swiss Toast Club* / Hybrid 716600     DCP
Purchase, NY Pepsico Toastmasters Club* / Hybrid 7230     DCP
Purchase, NY Priceless Speakers* / Hybrid 1199057     DCP
Purchase, NY The Toast of Purchase* / Hybrid 5864849     DCP
Area 14 Marilyn Walker
Bedford Hills, NY Westchester Advanced Toastmasters@ / Hybrid 695803   DCP
Bronx, NY Global Visionaries / Online 28675936   DCP
White Plains, NY Legends For Life! / Hybrid 889516 DCP
White Plains, NY United We Stand Toastmasters Club & Youth Leadership Program* / Hybrid 9938   DCP
Area 15 Rosalynn Mok
Mount Vernon, NY Mount Vernon Toast / Hybrid 5341900 DCP
New Rochelle, NY La Voz Latina Toastmasters / Online 1488421 DCP
New Rochelle, NY Monroe College Toastmasters / Online 2218018 DCP
Yonkers, NY MI Toastmasters / Hybrid 1322088 DCP
Tuckaho, NY Gastronomy Toastmasters 2081009 DCP
Division B Anna Stepanova
Area 21 Alma Habbab
Bronx, NY Bronx Advanced Speakers Toastmasters@ / Hybrid 3337790   DCP
Bronx, NY Bronx Toastmasters Club / Hybrid 6615 DCP
Bronx, NY Co-op City Toastmasters Club / Hybrid 3824   DCP
Bronx, NY Einstein Toastmasters / Online 1500422 DCP
Area 22 Bipin Chandriani
Bronx, NY Toast Of The Bronx Club / Hybrid 3035 DCP
NYC, NY Harlem Toastmasters / Hybrid 8594 DCP
NEW YORK, NY Knickerbocker Toastmasters Club / Hybrid 137     DCP
New York, NY Mount Sinai Toastmasters* / Online 1023495     DCP
Area 23 Fenty Kuropatski
Bronx, NY Find Your Voice@ / Online 7949819   DCP
New York, NY New York Storytellers / Hybrid 6606660 DCP
New York, NY TORCH Toastmasters / Online 1168440   DCP
New York, NY Yorkville Evening Stars – YES / Hybrid 5425506     DCP
Area 24 Dorjano Miletic
Brooklyn, NY TIC Toastmasters Club / Hybrid 2676 DCP
New York, NY Columbia University Toastmasters Club* / Online 3890961 DCP
New York, NY West Side Talkers / In Person 1180341   DCP
Sunnnyside, NY NYC Laser Speakers / Hybrid 595443 DCP
Area 25 Dunstanette Macauley, DTM
New York, NY East Side Toastmasters Club / Hybrid 6138 DCP
New York, NY Nichibei Toastmasters Club / Hybrid 6394 DCP
New York, NY Roosevelt Island Club / Online 4121 DCP
New York, NY Virtual Parliamentarians / Online 7850496 DCP
Division C Stella Umunna
Area 31 Kenny Osorio
New York, NY Bloomberg New York Toastmasters – Bloomberg Employees Only* / Hybrid 3618250   DCP
New York, NY KPMG NYO Toastmasters Club* / Hybrid 4405755   DCP
New York, NY Marsh McLennan Companies New York* / Hybrid 2078496   DCP
New York, NY NB Toastmasters Club* / Hybrid 28676377     DCP
New York, NY Wafra Toastmasters* / In Person 6931829     DCP
Area 32 Kim Ortiz
New York, NY Excellent Toastmasters* / Hybrid 1410471   DCP
New York, NY French/Bilingual Toastmasters of New York / Online 7315453 DCP
New York, NY Ringers Toastmasters Club / Hybrid 7890 DCP
Area 33 Chetan Karande
New York, NY Deloitte Tri-State Toastmasters Club* / Hybrid 1244840     DCP
New York, NY Greenspeakers Club / In Person 3172   DCP
New York, NY The Empire Eagles* / Hybrid 5371277     DCP
Area 34 Hugh Harry Maynard-Reid
East Stroudsburg, PA Unstoppable CEOs Toastmasters* / Online 7964130     DCP
New York, NY g-Toastmasters* / Online 5589856     DCP
New York, NY Midtown's Best @ Morgan Stanley* / Hybrid 1700500     DCP
New York, NY Pacers Toastmasters Club@ / Hybrid 2608 DCP
Area 35 Mohammed Kari
New York, NY CFA NY Toastmasters* / Hybrid 965817   DCP
New York, NY Gotham Speakers Toastmasters Club / Online 3966637 DCP
New York, NY JPMorgan Toastmasters NYC* / Hybrid 3793452     DCP
New York,, NY TempMasters* / In Person 7112110       DCP
Division D Lorraine Ratchford
Area 41 Ruby Frazier
New York, NY Global Expression Club* / Hybrid 5596   DCP
New York, NY Global Yoga Voices* / Online 7844222 DCP
New York, NY TD NYC Toastmasters Club* / Hybrid 7702911     DCP
New York, NY World Voices Club* / Hybrid 643436 DCP
Area 42 Leonard Shostak
New York, NY Bryant Park Toastmasters Club / Hybrid 2895 DCP
New York, NY Lexington Toastmasters / Hybrid 1254058 DCP
New York, NY The Durst Organization Employees New York City* / In Person 6732803       DCP
New York, NY Vanderbilt Club / Hybrid 3061 DCP
Area 43 Bathsheba Zion
New York, NY A+E Networks NYC* / Online 6501985     DCP
New York, NY The World's Leading Toastmasters* / Online 4315364     DCP
New York, NY Toastmasters @ MSK* / Online 1551020     DCP
Area 44 Alex Pedron
New York, NY Chubb NYC Toastmasters Club* / Hybrid 7766593     DCP
New York, NY Leadership Roundtable Toastmasters Club@ / Online 1636   DCP
New York, NY Podcast Pioneers@ / Online 7896867   DCP
NEW YORK, NY SEC Roughriders Club / Online 1876 DCP
Area 45 Sondra Cofield
New York, NY Metro New York / In Person 451   DCP
New York, NY New York Toastmasters Club / Hybrid 1949 DCP
New York, NY The Big Toast NYC* / Hybrid 7419138     DCP
New York, NY Voices of Bank America Club* / Hybrid 5328     DCP
Division E Rosalie Reyes-Co
Area 51 Alan Gray
New York, NY Amazon NYC Toastmasters Club* / Hybrid 7226903     DCP
New York, NY Geller & Company Toastmasters* / Online 7708987     DCP
New York, NY Goodwill Toastmasters* / Online 7854653 DCP
New York, NY PA Consulting Toastmasters* / In Person 28675849       DCP
Area 52 Ray Martes
New York, NY EY NYC Toastmasters@ / Hybrid 2560548 DCP
New York, NY Pfree Speech Toastmasters Club* / Hybrid 7883   DCP
New York, NY Societe Generale Toastmasters, USA* / Hybrid 6765848     DCP
Area 53 Jahnavi Utukuri, DTM
New York, NY Acuris New York Toastmasters* / Hybrid 7580325     DCP
New York, NY Jade Toastmasters Club / In Person 1721565   DCP
New York, NY NYC Equitable Toastmasters Club / Online 3507 DCP
New York, NY Times Toastmasters* / Hybrid 1548645   DCP
Area 54 Spandana Vembar Sudheer
New York, NY Dewan Shai / Hybrid 7376563   DCP
New York, NY Extraordinary Talkers / Hybrid 735 DCP
New York, NY Midtown Masters* / Hybrid 4672690     DCP
New York, NY Preqin Toastmasters* / In Person 7869700       DCP
Area 55 Filippo Pederzoli
Bronx, NY Advanced Debaters / Online 3313240 DCP
New York, NY CPG Toastmasters* / Hybrid 4565093     DCP
New York, NY Graybar Club / Hybrid 1436   DCP
New York, NY Traffic Club / Hybrid 2286   DCP