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Celebrating New Leadership in District 46 Toastmasters for 2024/2025

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  • May 13, 2024
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Toastmasters District 46 is proud to announce its newly elected leadership team for the 2024/2025 year, ushering in a fresh wave of energy and commitment. The elections, held on May 4th, have brought forward a dynamic group of leaders, each ready to steer the district towards new heights of excellence and community impact.

District Trio Leaders

George J. Rivera, DTM – District Director George J. Rivera steps into the role of District Director with a wealth of experience in leadership and a deep commitment to the Toastmasters mission. His tenure in previous roles has been marked by innovative strategies and an unwavering focus on member development, setting a promising tone for his term.

Rosalie Reyes-Co – Program Quality Director As the new Program Quality Director, Rosalie Reyes-Co brings her extensive background in educational training and program development. Her vision focuses on enhancing the quality of workshops and educational sessions to enrich the learning experiences for all members across the district.

Stella Umunna, DTM – Club Growth Director Stella Umunna assumes the role of Club Growth Director with a track record of fostering growth and sustainability in Toastmasters clubs. Her strategic approach to recruitment and club expansion will be instrumental in increasing membership and establishing new clubs throughout the district.

Division Directors

Sarah Cossette, DTM – Division A Director Sarah Cossette’s dedication and Toastmasters acumen make her the perfect fit for overseeing Division A. Her leadership is expected to inspire and motivate clubs to achieve their highest potential.

Dameria Hutabarat-Charles – Division B Director With her unique blend of leadership skills and enthusiasm, Dameria Hutabarat-Charles is set to bring a new vibrancy to Division B, focusing on community building and member engagement.

Kim Ortiz – Division C Director Kim Ortiz takes the helm of Division C with a focus on strategic growth and quality improvement. Her expertise in team management will be key to her division’s success.

Rosalynn Mok – Division D Director Rosalynn Mok’s leadership style is characterized by her innovative approaches and commitment to excellence, qualities that will serve her well in managing Division D.

Phylena D. Houde – Division E Director (Appointed) Appointed to oversee Division E, Phylena D. Houde brings a strong strategic vision and a proactive approach to addressing challenges, ensuring that her division thrives under her leadership.

Looking Forward

With these outstanding leaders at the helm, District 46 is set to experience a transformative year. Their collective expertise and dedication are expected to lead to significant advancements in member engagement, club growth, and overall district achievement. The district looks forward to their guidance and inspiration as they lead their teams to new successes.

Toastmasters District 46 is indeed in capable hands, ready to navigate the exciting challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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