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Contest and Judge Training Schedule

Welcome to District 46’s dedicated portal for our Contest and Judge Training Schedule! Here, you’ll find a comprehensive and up-to-date calendar of all upcoming events, training sessions, and contests. Whether you’re a seasoned Toastmaster looking to hone your judging skills or a newcomer eager to witness the thrill of a Toastmasters contest, this is your one-stop destination. Our schedule is user-friendly, allowing you to quickly locate and register for events that interest you. Stay informed, get involved, and join us in celebrating the art of public speaking and effective evaluation at District 46. Your journey towards mastery in communication and leadership starts here!

Date, Day & Time Location Training Contact

December 16

District 46 Contest Training – Hybrid


Please log in using a desktop or laptop for the best training experience.

A. Online attendance is defined as including any member participating and interacting in a club meeting through the use of live audio and video conferencing platforms.
1. Participants are not typically in the same physical location as the rest of the club members attending the meeting onsite.
II. Participants must be able to communicate
concurrently with all other members in attendance at the meeting.
III. Online participants in club meetings must provide their own technology at their own expense if there is a fee for use.
IV. Voice-only teleconferencing, recorded video, or recorded audio are not acceptable forms of attendance.

Jennifer Orellana
Registration Status: Open until 10:00PM, Friday, Dec 15th