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Ameil A Sloley: A Journey of Compassionate Leadership and Empowerment

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  • February 9, 2024
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In this month’s Member Spotlight, we’re proud to feature Ameil A. Sloley, a distinguished member of the Monroe College Toastmasters Club, where she serves as President and Sergeant of Arms. Beyond her Toastmasters leadership, Ameil is the Director of HR at The World Wide Group/Monarch Equity, LLC, a real estate development firm focusing on projects in New York City.

Ameil’s career in education spans over 16 years as an Adjunct Professor at Monroe College, where she shares her extensive knowledge in business, accounting, and IT. Her expertise covers a broad spectrum of business disciplines, including human resources, organizational behavior, strategic planning, and recently, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Her commitment to education and professional development extends to her service on the Alumni Association Board at Monroe College, the CEAB Board at Manhattanville College, and as a member of the Board of Trustees at Monroe College.

As a proud mother and an enthusiastic traveler, Ameil enjoys exploring new cultures and meeting people from different backgrounds. Her passion for travel is matched by her dedication to community service, notably through her volunteer work with Meals On Wheels of New Rochelle.

Ameil’s journey with Toastmasters began with a desire to enhance her communication skills and to address the pervasive fear of public speaking she observed among students. Her involvement was instrumental in establishing the Monroe College Toastmasters Club, which serves both students and the New Rochelle community.

An avid reader, Ameil has been a member of the In Harmony Book Club for over two decades and is an active member of the Greater Centennial AME Zion Church in Mount Vernon, New York. Her dedication to professional and personal growth was recognized in 2010 when Rotary selected her as part of a delegation sent to Tasmania, serving as an ambassador in a program for young professionals.

Ameil sees great synergy between Rotary and Toastmasters, advocating for their partnership as a perfect union to foster community and professional development. Her multifaceted career, community involvement, and personal achievements make Ameil A. Sloley a remarkable member of District 46, embodying the values of leadership, service, and continuous learning.

Ameil’s story exemplifies genuine leadership, centered on empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential, overcoming obstacles with fortitude, and nurturing a community that acknowledges and values every voice. Her journey illustrates that leadership transcends mere direction; it’s about elevating others throughout the journey.

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  • Eddie Sanchezsays:

    February 9, 2024 at 6:18 pm

    Congratulations professor Sloley on you your amazing achievement! Your a primary great example of a dedicated faculty member that achieve greater heights.

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