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District 46 Spring Programming Spotlight: “The Art of Engaging Table Topics”

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  • March 4, 2024
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This spring, District 46 is thrilled to unveil a series of workshops that promises to revolutionize the way its members engage with Table Topics. Dubbed “The Art of Engaging Table Topics,” this program is a direct response to the widespread request from our members for more in-depth and practical training. Facilitated by esteemed Toastmasters Leesa Thompson, DTM, and Shoba Rao, DTM, this trio of workshops spans March 11th, 18th, and 25th, offering a comprehensive, hands-on training experience that builds progressively with each session.

Workshop Series Overview:

Part 1: Answering Table Topics Using Structure (March 11th, 1 Hour)

The series kicks off with a deep dive into the crucial role of structure in delivering compelling impromptu speeches. Participants will be introduced to effective strategies for organizing thoughts swiftly and coherently. The session is designed to transition from theory to practice seamlessly, culminating in an interactive segment where participants apply learned structures to answer impromptu questions on the fly.

Part 2: Crafting Table Topics Questions (March 18th, 1 Hour)

The second installment shifts focus towards the artistry behind crafting engaging Table Topics questions. This workshop aims to enhance participants’ abilities to devise questions that are not only challenging but also stimulate thoughtful and creative responses. A peer review session will encourage constructive feedback, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Part 3: Different Creative Styles and Lots of Practice Time (March 25th, 1 Hour)

The final workshop explores the diverse creative approaches to impromptu speaking, from injecting humor to weaving storytelling elements into responses. With an emphasis on practice, this segment offers participants a platform to experiment with different styles and refine their impromptu speaking skills in a supportive setting.

Empowering Impromptu Speakers Across the District:

The “Art of Engaging Table Topics” series is meticulously designed to empower our members with the skills and confidence needed to excel in impromptu speaking scenarios. By the end of the series, participants will have gained invaluable insights into structuring spontaneous speeches, creating compelling questions, and employing creative techniques to captivate their audience.

This initiative is part of District 46’s broader commitment to offering targeted programming that meets the evolving needs of our members. Following this series, members can look forward to additional workshops focusing on social media training, speech drills for elevating speeches, and in-depth exploration of the Pathways learning experience.

Stay tuned for more updates and ensure you mark your calendars for this must-attend series. Together, let’s embrace the art of engaging Table Topics and elevate our impromptu speaking skills to new heights!