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7 Steps to Achieving Club Excellence in Toastmasters

Set Up a Team and Its Operating Rules

A high-functioning team is critical for success:

  • Club Officer Training (COT): Ensuring all officers are properly trained and understand their roles.
  • Healthy Teams: Fostering a supportive and collaborative environment.
  • Club Leadership Handbook: Utilizing this resource for effective club management.
  • Club Officer Agreement and Installation: Formalizing the commitment of club officers to their roles and responsibilities.

Set a Goal(s) to Reach and a Timeline

Setting clear, achievable goals is essential:

  • Define goals around membership growth, retention, educational achievements, etc.
  • Include both realistic goals and stretch goals to push the club further.
  • Encourage members to step outside their comfort zones

Define a Strategy to Reach the Goal(s)

Develop a strategy encompassing:

  • Outreach and Communication: For member recruitment and community engagement.
  • MOONLIT Resources: Utilizing these materials for club growth and development.
  • Recruitment Process and New Member Interviews: To attract and retain members effectively.
  • Periodic Assessment of Member’s Goals: To ensure alignment with club objectives.

Make an Operational Plan to Reach the Goal(s)

Operational planning involves:

  • Club Success Plan: A blueprint for achieving the club’s goals.
  • Area, Division, District Success Plans: Aligning club goals with larger organizational objectives.
  • Personal Success Plans for Members: Encouraging individual goal setting and achievement.

Perform the Plan

Finally, execution of the plan is critical:

  • Quality Meetings: Ensuring each meeting is valuable and engaging.
  • Club Success 101: A focus on the fundamentals of successful club management.
  • Utilize tools like Kanban, PDCA-Cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act), and 90-Day Method for goal setting.
  • Implement project management tools like Notion, Trello, and ClickUp for tracking and collaboration.


Achieving excellence in a Toastmasters club is a dynamic and continuous process. It requires thorough analysis, strong values, effective team management, clear goal setting, strategic planning, detailed operational plans, and, most importantly, execution. By following these steps, a Toastmasters club can not only meet but exceed its members’ expectations, fostering an environment of growth, leadership, and communication excellence.